Course Description

This course is part of the TMCI Licensee Director Manual

In order to meet the ever-growing demands of a thriving program, volunteers must be utilized and trained. This course will explore the various roles that volunteers will fill, how to monitor their progress and how to recognize them for their service. This Managing Volunteers course will focus four (4) sections:

      • Benefits of Using Volunteers
      • Application Process
      • Training Your Volunteers
      • Many of the Volunteer Job Descriptions

Once you've read through the Managing Volunteers course, please be sure to complete the course work associated with it. After the Course Work, you will find a Volunteer Packet which includes all the forms assocated with this course. They are provided for you in a WORD document, making it easy for you to incorporate your program's name. We encourage you to print these forms and documents onto your program's letterhead.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Managing Volunteers

    • Managing Volunteers Course Content

  • 2

    The Managing Volunteers Course Work

    • Managing Volunteers Course Work

  • 3

    Volunteer Packet (Applications for you to use with your Volunteers.)

    • Volunteer Packet

  • 4

    Volunteer Training Slides and Resource Directory

    • Volunteer Training Slide

    • Volunteer Handbook

    • Managing Volunteers Resource Directory